20 January 2010

You are Beautiful.

I know lately I've been talking a lot about helping others and way to do good deeds, which isn't entirely what this blog is about, but it is a big part of it and a big part of the change I've had personally the last couple weeks. It all started during training when I folded those cranes and has now spiraled into making me a better person.

Today I found something that nearly brought me to tears. I applied for an internship on a wonderful site (fitsmi.com, a site geared toward teen girls who want to make healthy and lasting choices in their lives) and I was browsing through articles in the "inspiration" section. A lot of these articles were things I either thought about or wrote about in my blog already. I then stumbled upon an article referencing Operation Beautiful, an operation started by a woman named Caitlin to post anonymous notes on mirrors or anywhere people can see them about being beautiful.

This is so inspiring. I know there is a stall in one of the bathrooms here on campus where many girls write messages to one another. There are inspiration messages, silly things, and even things like "Carpe Diem" (seize the day) or quotes from their favorite movies. I even saw a quote from A Very Potter Musical today. People love to help others. If you saw a random note on a bathroom mirror, wouldn't it make you think twice?

If you think it sounds like your kind of place (and I encourage not just young women to check it out, but adults as well), go to Fitsmi and browse around. There are style articles, snippets on inspiration, some on health. It's a great place for support.

Here's the Mission of Operation Beautiful.

So now more and more people are finding these notes and hanging their own and really making people's days or showing someone that they really are beautiful. Beauty is not a number. It's not a size. You really are beautiful.

My favorite note says, "A size or number does not define you. Now go find something that does."

I am now about to be armed with the tools for Operation Beautiful and help them in their operation. This is very important to me, especially since girls (not just teen girls) are very influenced by media, culture, and peers. I'm influenced too. I'm not going to spout off saying I don't compare myself to other girls or watch TV shows jealously. Yes, I want to be healthy. But yes, I also know I'm beautiful because I'm me.


I hope you know,

Oh, and as for Fitsmi.com, I got the interview. So cross your fingers.


  1. you should make this a passive program and res life can buy the materials!!! i'll help :)

  2. Wow this is really inspiring. I place notes like this around my room for myself but I had never thought about putting them out in the world for others. I am going to start doing this!

  3. You should, Monica. It's even more inspiring thinking that you can brighten someone's day or even make someone smile. There are a lot of inspiring stories on the website. I've been reading them for like 2 days, haha.

    And co-rah, I was actually planning that--maybe a regular program and just have people write them to take them home and then stick them in various places around campus. You want on board?