06 January 2010

For Amy

So two posts today. Mostly because something happened that made me evaluate what I do for others.

Prequel: I write stories and post them online for others. I'd like to think they're pretty popular since one has over 1100 reviews, one has 800+, and the other is just hitting 700. It keeps me writing just about every day and it's not stressful. I also do it because people love it. Therefore, it makes me feel good.

So yesterday a new chapter was posted and today I was leafing through reviews to read favorite quotes and theories and mashing up of my protag's names. I found one review, number 698, and it rendered me speechless.

hii! i really love your story and so did my best friend Amy. she was like INLOVE with this story and sadly... she passed away a couple of days ago from cancer )': ... i was just wondering if maybe you could make up a character named amy ...? i know she would've LOVED that! but if you cant then i completely understand, but i just wanted to ask in case you were able to do it. thank you

So needless to say, I sat staring in awe at my screen. My immediate thought was--OF COURSE. It's an honor, really. And it made me realize that we touch peoples lives in ways we don't even know unless it is brought to our attention. In the past I have gotten reviews telling me about readers having close family members dying and my story getting them through that difficult time. Another reader talked about depression and how the humor helped her. Some people are just stressed from classes and need a break.

It struck me so hard because I can relate to a lot of those situations. I used to read to escape everything that was going on around me and to be able to do that for someone else is one of the biggest honors. To me, that's better than getting something published and having glory--that's changing lives. Helping people.

And if Amy loved my story, then a character will certainly be named after her. I told the reader to contact me so maybe I could find out a little more about Amy, but I already have the perfect character in mind that enters a little later into the story and doesn't yet have a name.

My thoughts are with this reader and all of Amy's family. This is the very least I could do.


  1. heyy this is haley the one who commented about my best friend amyy who just recently passed away. i read tht you wanted to learn more her so i thought id comment to tell you some things about her and if you still have any questions i dont know if you can comment me back but i will check up on here and your story! well, to start off amy was very crazy. lol not insane crazy but she knew how to have fun and had the most craziest and WEIRDEST ideas to waste time during the day. amy also cared a lot for her school workk and cried when she had gotten her first detention for forgetting her school book loll(god, i miss her);) amy and i have been best friends since the second grade wen i was the new girl and it was my first day, we were at recess and i knew no one and she came right up to me smiled and asked me if i wanted to go on the swings. after the day, we never left eachothers side. she was also very VERY pretty and sometimes i wondered why she was even friends with me in the first place loll but she was such a kind girl and never judged at first sight. since she was so kind to ppl she never really stood up for herself, but if someone was ever rude or mean to me she would flip out in the middle of silence not even caring! she was also very close to her younger brother Aiden who is 5 and having a difficult time right now with her loss. she was diagnosed with cancer when she was 12 years old and died two months before her 16th birthday )': i hope this tells you what you need to know about amy but if you need anything else try to contact me and i will be happy to tell you anything else. thank you SO much and i have no doubt in my mind tht amy is smiling right now thinking about her having a character named after her in her all time favorite story. believe me, it was her FAVORITE! thank you!

  2. I'd be more than happy to do it. She sounds like a truly wonderful person, and while the character will not be "based on" Amy, I think I'm going to sneak in quite a few of her characteristics. I can't get over how fantastic I'm sure she was. Aiden is probably heartbroken. If you want to, feel free to email me and I can even give you some more details about the character. You're such a wonderful, loving friend.

    Strangely enough, while sitting here thinking about the entire situation. Plot bunny actually. So you and Amy both gave me an idea :)

    Feel free to shoot me an email on my Google account: