18 January 2010

Fleece for the Less Fortunate

Next week a few of the RAs and I are putting together a program to make fleece blankets for the less fortunate. They're the kind made from two pieces of fleece tied together. We had a blast cutting them (however lopsided the cutting might have been) and placing different colors together. We even watched The Wedding Date while cutting so the program next Tuesday will go smoothly.

The best part, of course, is doing things for someone else. I suppose my name is on this, but it's basically another anonymous good deed, making these blankets for people I don't know, especially since I won't be delivering them. It's so cold outside. I live in Ohio--it's VERY cold. Okay, so we have nothing on North Dakota and Canada, but still--right now Hawaii is wearing hoodies in the 70s. But here it's really cold and to know there are people there that don't have blankets. Well, now they're going to have some. Even if they're Seattle Seahawks blankets with orange undersides. :) I love the feeling of doing things for other people.

I think another fabulous part of this entire experience is learning something new. I've always been excited to learn new things and those blankets have always looked so neat (I want to make an orange and brown one) and now I know how to make them!

The best idea is something I saw another friend make after she graduated. She sewed on her BGSU t-shirts and made it look amazing.

So, in conclusion to this slightly-random post, doing good deeds for other people, whether it's donating $10 to relief in Haiti or tying together blankets, makes for such a warm, wonderful heart. I'm going to keep trying to do more things, including folding more paper cranes. I need some origami paper. Donate some of your time for others. Some people aren't as fortunate as we are.

BGSU blanket. I'd love to do this.

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